Testimonials for “She’s Doing It” Course


Testimonial #1

“After working with Carly, I was able to see in bright vivid colors my hopes, inspirations, goals and dreams. Part of my vision board had a section on travel. My family spent nine wonderful, life-changing days in Spain! Thank you, Carly, for continuing to motivate and inspire me.”

–Jill Hancock


Testimonial #2

As I found the courage to look for a new job, I remembered the things that Carly had told us and chose to be the best me at my job while remaining focused and clear on finding a new job. On September 11th, I started my new dream career. Hearing Carly's words as well as recalling the friendships formed with other women kept me centered. It took a leap of faith and confidence in myself to make a change and I can tell you it was 100% worth it. I will never look back.”

–Nichol Hall


Testimonial #3

I have been able to identify my big-picture goals, priorities, and values. I purposely left white space on my board to remind myself to de-clutter things in my life. Carly has the perfect voice for a visualization / guided meditation; I was able to fully immerse myself in this section, which was extremely helpful in starting to find the clarity that I am seeking.

–Megan James