A 4-week course for the woman who’s ready to take inspired action on her dreams.*

*Because she’s done giving her time and energy away to endless distractions and refuses to let life pass her by.





If you’re considering this course, you’ve gotten clear on what you want and have created a vision board to remind you of all you want to be, do and have.

But now what?

You’ve gotten clear and inspired before and you know what happens.

The real world seeps into your plans and you’re back to square one.

Feelings of overwhelm and overload hit you like a mac truck and you’re back to spinning those wheels, putting out fires and making very little progress on the life you know you want to create for yourself.

You’ve considered giving up for the time being. Maybe waiting until your job slows down, your kids head off to college, or more money is saved. Then you’ll be able to do something about your own wants and needs.

Trust me, I get it.

There was a time when I knew I wanted to start moving forward with my goals and ideas, but I was completely stuck. I couldn’t find the time or energy to nail down what I wanted to do—let alone how I’d go about getting it done.

I went through the cycle of guilt, fear, and doubt. Over and over again.

Until I finally realized something had to change.


I spent ten years and thousands of dollars on hiring coaches, taking courses and reading books. Too much time searching when I could have been doing what I needed to do.

You deserve to start living your own dreams.

Not the dreams of your parents or the dreams that you have for your kids. Not even the dreams your boss believes you can accomplish.

But your dreams.

You know it and I know it.

Here’s what I learned:

When you’re living in reaction to what everyone else wants—that’s what everyone will expect.

When you’re believing you don’t have the time, the energy or the money to move forward—you won’t.

When your goals are in your head and not clearly defined on paper—that’s where they’ll stay.

When old fears and beliefs are holding you back—you can’t continually move forward.

What if there was a solution?

Guess what, there is.


You’ve created your Vision Board.

You’ve gotten clear on what you really want.

It’s time to move beyond your fears + doubts

And find the freedom you want and DESERVE.

The She’s MOVING ON will give you all the tools AND support
(action plans and accountability)
you need to follow through on what matters most to you.

It’s time to start living your life on purpose and allowing the magic of manifestation
to finally work in your life.


  • Clarity on what you really want (no more settling for someone else's dreams)

  • A method to clear out the natural obstacles that are holding you back (time to let go)

  • Direction, guidance and accountability as you take one baby step at a time

  • Space and time to definfe your goals in each area of your life

  • Major mindset shifts and inspiration from a scientific and spiritual perspective

  • Coaching and support (from me) in a private Facebook Group

  • Continued encouragement and support with like-minded individuals dedicated to the pursuit of their goals

  • A recharge of your emotions and therefore your vibrational energy



  • Recorded videos to motivate you on WHY it’s so important to look at your limiting thoughts and beliefs and keep moving forward

  • Time and deep self-reflection prompts so you can hone in on what’s holding you back

  • 45-minute 1:1 clarity call

  • 2 LIVE Group coaching calls

  • Invitation to join a private Facebook Group with access to coaching and support

  • Guided worksheets and prompts to continue expanding and transforming in mind, body + spirit

  • She’s Doing It! curated playlist with over 25 songs that will inspire you

  • Clarity, confidence and accountability to keep going!



  • Ready to take 100% responsibility for your life, your work AND your results

  • Commited to consistently showing up for yourself

  • Secretly desiring to find more purpose in your life

  • Ready to release limiting beliefs and old thought patterns holding you back

  • Prepared to invest in yourself and understand the impact of coaching

  • Willing to help others and have others help you


  • Hoping to stay focused on the problem instead of the solution

  • Are not ready to invest in yourself at this time

  • Making excuses and don’t want to take inspired action

  • Do not want to release limiting beliefs and old thought patterns

  • Believing that you can commit to a program and not have to do the work to see results


If you’ve read through the above and are excited and ready to stop spinning your wheels and start following through on your goals, this course is right for you. Join a small, intimate group of women ready to shift get clear on what they want and take inspired action.




*Price will be going up to $249 on April 1st.

Praise (1).png
In doing Carly’s workshop, I was able to see in bright vivid colors my hopes, inspirations, goals and dreams. Part of my board had a section on travel. My family spent nine wonderful, life-changing days in Spain, My board empowers me to surround myself with positive people and to be positive in the world. Thank you, Carly, for a great class, my vision board continues to motivate and inspire me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
— Jill Hancock
At Carly’s workshop, we had an amazing time talking with other strong women who were looking to find clarity, redirection and peace. At the center of my vision board was my intention to find a new career. As I found the courage to look for a new job,

I remembered the things that Carly had told us and chose to be the best me at my job while remaining focused and clear on finding a new job.  On September 11th, I started my new dream career.

Having that visual reminder and hearing Carly’s words as well as recalling the friendships formed at that workshop kept me centered. It took a leap of faith and confidence in myself to make a change and I can tell you it was 100% worth it. I will never look back.
— Nichol Hall
Through Carly’s Vision Board workshop, I have been able to identify my big-picture goals, priorities, and values. I purposely left white space on my board to remind myself to de-clutter things in my life. Carly has the perfect voice for a visualization / guided meditation; I was able to fully immerse myself in that piece of the workshop, which was extremely helpful in starting to find the clarity that I am seeking, and in developing my own vision board.
— Megan James
I did my 1st vision board workshop last year and having the board to look at daily motivated me to accomplish all of my goals which I did!
— Natosha Mac