I’m grateful for this opportunity to work with you!

Please make note of the following policies and refer back to this page/document as needed.

Client-Coach Integrity: By entering into a coaching relationship, we’re agreeing to hold ourselves to a high level of integrity and accountability.

I ask you to please hold me, as your coach, to a high level of integrity and accountability, and I would like to promise you my commitment to that as well.


The cost for my monthly individual coaching subscription is $400. This includes, two 45-minute 1:1 coaching session, 24-48 hour unlimited email support, access to my private FB group, unlimited Voxer support (an online, confidential voice memo service), and other pertinent resources and materials created to meet your needs.

Sessions are scheduled by you (the client) during any open time listed on my online calendar, during the month.

Payment is due prior to the time of our first scheduled session.

Payments are made via Stripe.

There are no refunds for sessions; they are non-transferable to others; they must be used within three months of making a payment.

If a client has not paid for a session, that session will not be held. NOTE: The client is still responsible for paying for that session time, since the time was reserved for them.

Lateness & Rescheduling:

It’s important that whenever a client needs to reschedule or cancel, I receive an email with at least twenty-four hours notice, unless it’s an emergency.

For your safety, I’m not willing to conduct sessions if you are in a moving car. Please call to let me know if you’re running late, then get to a good place to hold your session, and then call me back and we’ll pick up with the remaining session time.


I maintain confidentiality for all of my clients, with the following exception(s): if a client shares that they are in the process of, or are planning to, hurt themselves or someone else, I break confidentiality by whatever means I can in order to ensure that no one is harmed.

It is also possible that I would need to break confidentiality if required to do so by law.

Coaching is an unlicensed and unregulated industry. I am not a therapist and do not diagnose or treat conditions. Coaching is to be used on an “at your own risk” basis and is not recommended as a substitute for therapy.

Any advice is given in good faith and without prejudice and must be deemed appropriate by the client. If any doubt exists please ask for clarification.

If you have been diagnosed or in treatment for a mental health-related condition in the past, you are advised to continue with that treatment.

By entering into a coaching relationship, you understand and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your own choices, and that no guarantees or outcomes are being promised as a result of coaching. You are encouraged to seek the advice or second opinions of the professionals of your choosing before proceeding with any of the suggestions made during our coaching sessions.

By beginning coaching and sending in payment, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement and that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions described.