Many of you want freedom—you’ve told me loud and clear.

You want it for various reasons. 

  • To do the work you love 

  • To be present with your kids without juggling five other tasks at once

  • To whisk yourself away to Turks and Caicos when you need a break

I get it. I wanted work, time, and money freedom too. 

But there was a period in my life when I wanted something even more—freedom from the chatter inside my head.

It was taking up mental bandwidth, robbing me of the moment, and turning my dreams into doubts.

I was a prisoner held captive by:

  •  worrying, complaining, and caring about what everyone else thought of me

  •  worst-case scenarios, excuses, and indecisions

  •  shouldn’ts, couldn'ts, and wouldn’ts.

It's possible to be free from this noise—but getting there is not free.

It comes at a price.

It takes separating yourself from those fear-based thoughts and releasing their hold on you.

Let's face it, your mental chatter isn’t louder, noisier or more active than anyone else's.

It just hasn't been put in its proper place. 


Here’s how to begin your liberation:

1. Separate yourself from your thoughts and sift through them.
Keep the ones that make you feel good.

2. Get curious about the ones that don’t. Ask yourself:

  • Where did this thought come from? A belief? A past experience?

  • How could this unhelpful thought be serving me in some way? How might it be keeping me safe and comfortable?

  • What’s a better feeling thought I could have?  

3. Adopt the mantra, “I choose love over fear.” When you notice an unhelpful thought, interrupt it immediately with this thought.

4.  Make a list of what you’re grateful for and keep adding to it.

5.  Work on steps 1-4 every. single. day.


And let’s face it—there’s no better day than today to declare yourself free.