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This is Baby, my youngest son’s transitional object.  

My son is 9 years old and doesn’t need it anymore, but I find it all over the house.

Most of us when we were little, needed to feel safe. We used a stuffed animal, a thumb, a binkie, anything we could to soothe us.

As we grew, we realized we didn’t need those comforts anymore.

In fact, we learned we could jump, dance, explore and take risks without them.

Now, as adults, part of us still wants this security.

We want to feel safe.

We don’t want to hurt.

And fear protects us, oh so well.

We carry it around with us like raggedy Baby, counting on it for reliability and predictability—clinging to its every word.

Fear says to me:

Don’t send the email. Don’t raise your hand. Don’t sign up for that seminar. Don’t apply for that job. Don’t ask for help. Don’t take the risk.

Do all the housework yourself. Check Facebook one more time. Meditate tomorrow. It’s not perfect. Give up.  Wait longer.

You can’t. You won’t. You shouldn’t.


Ahhh!  These words are familiar and comforting.  

But when I listen to them, I realize I'm not evolving at all.  I’m stuck in a place that’s keeping me from jumping and dancing and exploring—from truly living.

So fear will try to protect me and I'll refuse to let it.

Because I don’t need it anymore.

We don’t need it anymore.

Can you toss fear in the trash, banishing it from your life forever?

Nope. Nada. Never.

It’ll always be with you. But what you can do and should do—is thank it for trying to keep you safe and tuck it back in your closet.

It’ll pop out again, don’t think it won’t.

But when you venture on despite it, you are more powerful, more amazing, more true to yourself than ever before.

I'd love to read from you below. How does fear show up in your daily life?