How a blank piece of paper can save your life





While working out this morning, I had a million thoughts.

February break began today.

I told the kids I’d take them to Skyzone.

I had client calls.

A newsletter was due.

And, where would we go on my husband’s day off?

It was a perfect week to clean out the garage. And my office needed painting.


Too much.

I knew what I wanted to do and I knew what I needed to do but when everything added up I was stuck like that cliche’ deer-in-headlights right in the middle of the road.

That was when my thoughts were interrupted.

"Hook, Hook, Jab, Cross, Hook,” my instructor shouted as I began my next round on the punching bag.

My rhythm was off. I didn’t even know how to do this. I was incorrectly jabbing here and punching there.

So I tried it again. Hook, Hook, Jab, Hook, Hook, Jab. That time it was almost too easy.

It was too easy.  

My instructor interrupted me. “It's Hook, Hook, Jab, Cross, Hook.”

I tried again. Hook, Hook, Jab, Cross, Hook.  Aha! I found the cadence.

So, here's what I know:

Sometimes it takes going back to the basics.

Simplifying. It’s much easier to add on later. And the bonus is… you remain in control.


Of your day.

Of your week.

Of your life.


Start with a blank sheet of paper.

Let go of everything that's on your mind.  Choose your top three priorities and remain focused.  

Is it really that easy? No, of course not.  The squirrel is my spirit animal. I struggle daily with maintaining focus on what is most important to me and resist the urge to do a little bit of everything.

But in the world of boxing, be the Rocky Balboa.

No flailing around aimlessly trying to get it all done.

Take control. Put one fist in front of the other and find your flow.

And in the words of the big guy himself,  “If this is something you wanna do, and if this is something you gotta do, then you do it." -Rocky

Carly Hamilton-JonesComment