Keep it simple.


I stepped out of the shower last week and looked next door at my neighbors’ Christmas lights. I wondered how I could make my life less complicated over the weeks leading up to the holiday.

How I could keep things simple.

I thought about:

Spending time baking cookies with the kids.

Watching holiday movies on the couch.

Devouring a novel by the fire.

It didn’t seem possible.

We crave simple.

We long for fewer commitments.

But on some level it feels unproductive.   

Not good enough.

We compare ourselves to others and resolve to do more, believing complicated is better.

Simple means it won’t all get done.

And if it doesn’t all get done, feelings of inadequacy, insufficiency and “not enoughness” arise.

There’ll always be more. And deep down you know that.

So end the quest.

Let simple be your new standard.


  1. Define what simplicity means to you and aim for that.

  2. Limit the “stuff” you buy. Think twice before buying things you don’t need.

  3. Schedule downtime. Write it on your calendar. Relaxation won’t come to you.

  4. Say “NO.”

  5. Quit comparing yourself to others.

Carly Hamilton-JonesComment