What is a life coach?

Several years ago, I asked myself the same question.

I knew all about counseling + therapy.

I'm a counselor and my experience revolves around it.

But life coaching? Nope. Not a clue.

And then I hired one.

And became one.

And now I want to provide you with clarity. 

A life coach helps you:

  • Look within yourself for answers. We forget where to look sometimes.

    A good life coach will remind you that you already have all the answers and guide you towards connecting with that inner wisdom of yours (it's pretty damn powerful).

  • Get clear around what you want and what is holding you back. Clarity is key to success.

A good life coach will ask questions to help you discover what you want and why you want its so you can move through obstacles holding you back (think: fear, self-doubt).

  • Hold space for you.  You’ve got to lean in before you can let go.

A good life coach knows the power of creating space for you to process your thoughts and emotions and meets you exactly where you are in the moment.

  • Walk through it all.  With gentle, honest feedback and without judgment.

A good life coach navigates life alongside you, holding you accountable to your bigger goals and visions.

  • Take your power back. Shifts happen when you decide to act on your own behalf.

A good life coach believes in you and encourages you to elevate your life so you can live it as you’ve always wished.


Can you read magazines, books, listen to podcasts and do it on your own? Of course, you can.

Do you need a coach? No, you don’t.

Did Michael Jordan need a basketball coach?

He could have played without one—maybe still have been amazing.

But when you think about what you want.

And how you say you're going to make the change and really do it this time.

And you have every. intention. to. do. it.

But life gets in the way and you get in your own way (because you're human).

It's just that much easier (and faster) with a coach by your side.

Carly Hamilton-JonesComment