An extra scoop of ice cream and my favorite hoodie.



Summer's ending and I'm overwhelmed with the change.

I'm not ready. But I am ready. But I'm not. But I am. But I'm not.

Summer was amazing: sleeping in, traveling, pushing back deadlines, basking in the sun. I'm holding on tightly to the branch and fighting this change with all my might. 

But it's time to let go.

My kids need some structure and I need a few moments of peace to work on my business goals for this quarter (among other things). I'm craving time with my friends and am finally tired of eating out, ordering burgers and french fries. Plus, I think my favorite hoodie misses me. 

And struggling to keep things the way they are isn't working.

It's preventing me from enjoying the last days of August.

So, I'll choose to be the leaf not shown in this picture. The one that's at peace with being part green and part red. One that's holding onto the memories of the summer with gratitude and looking forward to the season ahead—ready to embrace the structure and the new possibilities it brings with it.   

Although I might just need an extra scoop of ice cream as I work through these feelings.



Carly Hamilton-Jones