In the Jungle

I worried about my trip to Costa Rica for weeks.

I anticipated all that could go wrong. From a tarantula in the house (there was one in the house a week before—true story) to an earthquake in the area. Fear, being my constant companion, once again accompanied me to the nearest hazard.

I couldn’t avoid it any longer. My family wanted to go swimming in the ocean. They assured me it was the calmest beach in the area.  Surveying the dangers and feeling pretty safe and secure, I tried to coerce my son to jump the waves with me. He refused, so I went out with my daughter. A rogue wave came up and crushed us. I clenched my daughter’s hand and feared for our lives.  When the calm returned, we were shaken but relieved.  We had survived (although I did lose my favorite pair of sunglasses, which may scar me for life).

I had anticipated every worst case scenario but never feared a large wave sweeping us off our feet on the calmest beach with the smallest waves in Costa Rica. As I rode home that day, I pondered what was to learn. 

Life can’t be controlled.  Anything can happen at any time. We can ruin a vacation worrying about our zipline breaking in midair or a poisonous dart frog attacking us in our sleep. We can choose to allow the rogue thoughts to control us or we can let go and know that the waves will guide us back to something greater.