What's scarier than meditation?

Not much.

I’m a doer, a shaker, a seeker a searcher. A “don’t stop or life will pass you by” kind of girl.

In the past, the mere thought of quietly sitting still for two minutes made me fight the urge to run screaming out the back door with a kitchen knife in my hand.

But silence really is golden.

In quiet stillness we get clear. We stop, we breathe, we listen, we train our minds, we take back our power.

We’re reassured of the energy running through our body. We reconnect to the wisdom of our soul.

If we can only stop the noise for even a short period of time.


I believe this because I’ve experienced it.

Yet I don’t meditate as often as I should. There’s usually something pressing I have to do. In other words, I choose to let something else become more important.

My meditation practice has increased over the years as I’ve eased my way into sitting for longer increments of time.

  • Do I have a clear mind for the entire duration? HELLS to the NO.

  • Does my mind wander to thoughts of dirty dishes, the turquoise pillow I plan to buy with my Target coupon and drinks with friends? YEP.

  • Am I able to do it every damn day? IT’S A GOAL.


On most days, I do make a concerted effort to sit in silence, take notice of my mental activity and redirect my thoughts back to my breath. It's amazing what even one minute can do to calm the nerves.

Meditation isn’t about the mind not wandering. (It really isn’t. I promise). It’s about noticing the mind wandering. 

I agree, meditation can feel more like a trick than a treat, but go ahead and give it a try (or try it again). Push through that fear and commit to one minute a day. You may surprise yourself.

If you're reading this and want/need extra motivation to meditate, please join me on my Facebook Group, Power Shift for a 4 day challenge in November. 

Carly Hamilton-JonesComment