Power is not a dirty word.

Too often, as women, we give our power away.

We try to please everyone.

We allow our to-do list to control us.

We silence our thoughts and opinions.

We remain victims of overwhelm.

We buy into the notion that working harder and faster is best.

I used to believe that power was a dirty word. That it signified corruption, lack of integrity, greed.

In fact, you can pursue it in a kind, generous, authentic, incredible way.

And I want this more than anything for you.




I enjoyed the life I'd created. But when I stopped to think about it, I was running around trying to please everyone.  Instead of feeling happy and free, I was trapped in my head games (cue Foreigner song). Mental, physical and emotional habits were overwhelming me and keeping me stuck.  

I wanted to let go of insecurity, apprehension and doubt....but how?  Waiting for answers to fall from the sky didn't work.

And the more I tried to let go of negative feelings and emotions, the harder they punched.

After much struggle, I surrendered to the fact that the answers couldn't be found out there (wait, what?!?!).  The truth was inside of me.

When I started making time for myself, things began to slowly change. I began trusting myself instead of relying on the thoughts and opinions of others. Leaning into my fears instead of trying so hard to let them go (as ridiculously counterintuitive as it felt) liberated me. After what felt like a lifetime of living for someone else, I became the ruler of my own kingdom.

By recognizing the limiting beliefs holding us back, we get clear enough to hear our inner wisdom. We can then change our thoughts and take action towards our truest desires on this earth.

We are free.

I have over twenty years of coaching and counseling experience empowering women and girls. I live with my husband, three kids and goldendoodle in Saratoga Springs, NY. This makes for a crazy, busy, never-a-dull moment but incredibly blessed life.  Oh and I'm pretty fun to be around (I think so anyway).

With an EdM in counseling, I have over 15 years of experience educating, counseling and consulting women through various life transformations. I'm a CLCC certified life coach and a co-owner of a jewelry business for girls.

My superpower is relating to you, understanding you and then working to help you unleash your inner drive and make you feel powerful again. When you feel powerful, you see things through the eyes of a creator and are able to make consistent change.

I am the real deal. I listen carefully without judgement.  You can talk to me.

I create a safe space for you to share your feelings.  I have your back.

I seek out the best in you. When you shine, I'm happy. When you're stuck, I hold that space for you.  I believe in you.

I like to have fun so I make this journey as enjoyable as possible. Yes, it can be difficult (change hurts sometimes). But we'll make the best of the situation and have a few laughs in the process.  Let's do this together.

Carly creates a safe and nonjudgmental environment for her clients. She is relatable and real and makes it seem as if you’re having a conversation with a good friend. She has the ability to make you realize things that are right there and should have been obvious. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Carly to set and meet goals for myself in many aspects of my life. Carly is there every step of the way to empower me and help relieve stress from the everyday obstacles of daily life.